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Submit your entry here with the following information: Link to a download of your game Team name List of team members Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex.Team Name_Game Name) Please remember to rename your project to [Team Name]_[Project Name] ex. Team name psycho ROBOT Team members 1 Project name psycho ROBOT_The Snowball.In recognition of the commitment of our late colleague, Gill-Chin Lim, to the study of humanistic aspects of globalization, the ACSP Global Planners Educators Interest Group (GPEIG) has established an award in his name: The GPEIG Gill-Chin Lim Award for the Best Dissertation on International Planning.This award is funded annually by the Consortium of Development Studies (CODS), which was founded by Dr. The Gill-Chin Lim Award for the Best Dissertation on International Planning recognizes superior scholarship in a doctoral dissertation completed by a student enrolled in an ACSP-member school.Despite interest in associating polymorphisms with clinical or experimental phenotypes, functional interpretation of mutation data has lagged behind generation of data from modern high-throughput techniques and the accurate prediction of the molecular impact of a mutation remains a non-trivial task.We present here an integrated knowledge-driven computational workflow designed to evaluate the effects of experimental and disease missense mutations on protein structure and interactions.

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This is also my submission for Ludum Dare 37, whose theme is "One Room". Title: Snowball Snowball FIGHT Team name: Arran Langmead Team members: 1 Game Link https://drive.google.com/open? * Units attack everything in range, you lack direct control over who they target. * Using "passive mode" (green peace sign) will let you flee from fights.id=0B1rsda F76Piedl Bn YUxva S1XN1E Controls, 2 gamepads required Left analogue stick = move Right analogue stick = look RT = Shoot Description Move around to collect snow, shoot your opponent and be the first to shrink your opponent 3 times. There's also info about those in the same help menu. * You can move the camera off the playable map area.Left Stick for walking A-Button to pick up and drop items X-Button to repair machines and tables B-Button to dash forward Y-Button to see possible recepies in front of a machine Pause to open the ingame menu [or join for other players] Xbox Controller Just put the right ingredients on the right table to produce the needed items. Part-set: 2x Wood, 1x Paper @Wood Carver Carbody: 2x Wood, 1x Plastic @Wood Carver Rocketbody: 3x Wood, 1x Wool @Wood Shaper Rockettip: 1x Plastic, 1x Paper @Wood Shaper Cotton: 1x Wool, 1x Paper @Sewing Machine Fur: 3x Wool, 1x Plastic @Sewing Machine Giftbox: 2x Paper @Package Folder Car: 2x Part-set, 1x Carbody @Assembler Rocket: 2x Part-set, 1x Rocketbody, 1x Rockettip @Assembler Teddy: 3x Cotton, 1x Fur @Assembler BPNode: 1x Idea, 2x Despair, 1x Anger @Package Folder Don’t forget to put the end products in a empty Giftbox! Has pretty standard controls, I wrote most of them down in the included "Help" menu option. Notes/tips (You can figure these out yourself pretty easily.): * Mouse wheel zooms in and out. (No, you won't fall off the edge.) * You might be able to shimmy through the trees to get into places you're not supposed to, there's nothing outside of [email protected] You need to produce Gifts for the christmas night, but the machines aren’t as fit as they used to be. * You win by destroying all enemy buildings (except walls).

Be sure to repair them, before the damage spreads to nearby tables and machines; Otherwise it will end in a disaster. Points are being collected by producing the shown item. * You lose by losing all your buildings (except walls).

However, a Spotlight Team analysis of campaign donations and government payrolls has identified at least 732 donations totalling more than 0,000 to Petrolati from employees of the courts, probation and the sheriff's department -- and their relatives -- since 2002.

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