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In 1945, the Portland-class heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis, commanded by Captain Charles Mc Vay (Nicolas Cage), delivers parts of the atomic bomb that would later be used to bomb Hiroshima during the ending of World War II.While patrolling in the Philippine Sea, on July 30 in 1945, the ship is torpedoed and sunk by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) submarine I-58, taking 300 crewmen with it to the bottom of the Philippine Sea, while the rest climb out of the ship and are left stranded at sea for five days without food and water and left in shark-infested waters.And develop relationships that can last a lifetime. If any lover wants to be interested in someone then is very good and great... , London, United Kingdom I have found love from last year June 2010. On the 5th day, the surviving crew are rescued by an airplane pilot who spots them by chance and calls for a rescue. Looking for a scapegoat for their own gross negligence, the US Navy court-martials and convicts Captain Mc Vay for "hazarding his ship by failing to zigzag", despite overwhelming evidence supporting Mc Vay (such as even having the former captain of the IJN's I-58 submarine to testify for the trial, which proved Mc Vay to be not at fault).

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It was released as a digital rental on i Tunes and Amazon in the United States on October 14, 2016 and in limited theaters during the Veterans Day weekend.

“I sold my car and bought a one-way ticket without knowing what was going to happen.” “I was born in England but we migrated to Adelaide and I spent pretty much my whole life there.

I was brought up taught that girls should be seen and not heard, so we were really encouraged to be quiet. I could count the times I was allowed to sleep over at friends’ houses.

I was a loner, I used to stay at the library all by myself, which is why I was so good at school.

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